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North Cotabato



The Province of (North) Cotabato lies on the eastern part of Region XII and is strategically located in the central part of Mindanao. It is bounded on the North by the Province of Bukidnon, on the northwest by Lanao del Sur, on the East by Davao City, on the Southeast by Davao del Sur, on the West by Maguindanao Province and on the southwest by Sultan Kudarat Province. Mountains to the east peak at Mount Apo, a volcanic cone that is the highest mountain in the Philippines. In the west, the Piapungan Range separates it from Lanao del Sur. The fertile Pulangi River basin runs in the middle of these two highlands and spreads towards the southwest to the flood plains of Maguindanao. Typhoons do not pass through (North) Cotabato and rainfall is evenly distributed through out the year.

Source: North Cotabato Province Website

  • Usomi Pakatmi

    Though you have just quoted this from the NCPG, I would suggest replacing “Muslims” with “Maguindanaon and Iranun”. Just to distinguish them from other islamized tribes. “Muslim” is so universal and gives an impression that Cotabato is an Islamic land before. “pagans” might not be politically correct as well because Manuvus and Bagobos have a religion and believed in deities as well. It would have been safe if you just placed “according to the Americans”.

  • Keith Bacongco

    thank you for your comment, i appreciate it :-) i will edit it then :-) thanks for visiting the site.

  • Evaristo Carugda Ortiz

    Can I ask what is your reference for the map? The town of Antipas is placed wrong on the map, that supposed to be, the northern part of President Roxas, and Antipas is placed between the northern part and southern part of President Roxas. See more references for a more reliable map. thank you.

    • cotabato

      i copied the map from provincial website.

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